MIKRONS Double Planetary Mixer


They are also called as twin shaft mixer in which the shafts rotate around a sun gear. The blades are simple rectangular "gate" blades oriented ninety degrees from each other. The paths of the blades intersect and pass within the tank wall. This high torque, low speed mixers mix viscous ingredients into a homogenous product.

Double Planetary Mixer - Design Features
  • In the mixing process, two vertically mounted mixing tools rotate around a common sun gear. In addition, they rotate at a higher speed around their own axes, according to the planetary principle
  • A swinging type scraper continually sweeps the inside wall, transporting material from the walls of the vessel to the mixing tools

  • The standard wane-shaped mixing tools are designed to overlap, and so create strong axial and radial motions in the mix-product, as well as a highly intensive shearing and dispersing effect
  • Within a short time, the material is thoroughly mixed and even very difficult formulas may be obtained
  • A quick vessel locking device connects the mixing vessel to the mixer. Because the vessel is mounted on fixed and swivel wheels, it is very easy to transport
  • The standard version features dual mixing tools shafts running in heavy duty ball bearings
  • The upper head of the machine is lifted by manual, mechanical or hydraulic elevating systems, depending on the size of the machine
  • Electrical,TEFC one speed motors are the standard drive units supplied with MIXER
MIKRONS design its Double Planetary Mixers according to the special requirements and applications of the customer.
  • For mixed products that must be heated or cooled, MIKRONS has designed jacketed vessels for hot oil, electrical heating, steam heating and liquid cooling.
  • MIKRONS has designed moveable and tiltable mixing vessels, with or without a bottom discharge valve for less viscous liquids
  • Where necessary, alterations can be made in the shape of the mixing tools, a third mixing tool may be added, a homogenizer unit (with deflector)can be supplied - and other performance proven mixing elements may be supplied for special duties.
  • A MIKRONS DISSOLVER UNIT for fine dispersion, with its own drive unit, available with or without variable speed, has proven itself a good process accelerator for dealing with special dispersions.
Working of double planetary mixer picture of double wane impeller
Double Planetary Mixers are used to mix medium to high viscosity non-flowing products. Double Planetary Mixers are used to make products such as rubber cements, silicones, and battery pastes.
Hydraulic Discharge Press: For applications that are not free flowing and cannot be discharged by gravity. Hydraulic discharge press is an essential accessory.




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