MIKRONS Paste Mixer


The close tolerances maintained between the mixing blades and tank wall ensures proper mixing action and heat transfer throughout the product. The mixing action of the Double Planetary Mixer creates maximum kneading action at low speeds.

Vacuum construction and the jacketed mixing tank allows you to mix at the temperature you want and cool heat-sensitive products gently and quickly. The Double Planetary Mixer includes a heavy-duty frame, precision machined gears, extra durable bearings, and an all stainless steel gearbox.

Our double planetary action provides maximum mixing efficiency for a wide variety of applications - including low to exceptionally high viscosity materials - ranging from a few thousand cps to several million cps. Benefits include complete de-aeration of the finished products, faster homogenous dispersions, smoother finished products and mixes, and contamination free materials

Features and Benefits
  • Planetary Mixers are equipped with two vertical mixing blades.
  • Mixing blades provide double rotation motion.
  • Blades prevent product from adhering to the vessel wall and incorporates product into the mixture..
  • Sizes from 10 liter up to 1500 liters.




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